Afognak Native Corporation and Alutiiq, LLC, through their subsidiaries, possess a broad spectrum of capabilities, offering numerous different services in both the government and commercial sectors throughout the globe. Operating in more than 25 countries and territories worldwide, from the North Slope of Alaska to Asia and the Middle East, these companies provide diverse capabilities and a wealth of experience to their customers. Their highly skilled employees have created a track record of exceptional performance with proven results in a wide-range of fields, including the following:

Our Protective Services Subsidiaries

Alutiiq Advanced Security Solutions, LLC; Alutiiq Diversified Services, LLC; Alutiiq Security & Technology, LLC; Shields Point, LLC

Our Protective Services subsidiaries provide fully-trained and equipped armed guards for government and commercial facilities and installations. Alutiiq subsidiaries also offer full-spectrum basic and advanced police protection services.

  • Through extensive training, our qualified and certified teams are tailored to the requirements of the customer, the contracts and all applicable regulatory agencies
  • Our Protective Services Team possess the ability to develop and implement customer-focused qualification processes and quality control consistently results in customer satisfaction and high performance evaluations
  • The Alutiiq Protective Services Team utilizes complete program management, quality assurance, resource control and technical support to ensure the U.S. State Department posts worldwide are outfitted with the most reliable special protective equipment and armored diplomatic vehicles available
  • Our PS Teams also provide extensive management experience in executive protection, personnel security services, information verification, adjudication and data collection, and physical security
  • Additionally, our team provides administrative and logistic support services for protection, prevention and background investigations

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Our Professional, Administrative, and Management Services (PAMS) Subsidiaries

Alutiiq Global Solutions, LLC; Alutiiq Professional Training, LLC; Alutiiq Solutions, LLC

Our Professional, Administrative & Management Services subsidiaries provide technical training management and support services along with E-Learning solutions to our government and commercial clients.

  • Full-service training and professional consulting is available to federal, state and local government agencies in partnership development, emergency preparedness and customer service, professional staff development including leadership training, ethics, conflict resolution, management and supervision, grant writing and strategic planning
  • Our PAMS subsidiaries also provide full-service training and professional consulting to private industry. Training is offered for professional development including leadership, ethics, conflict resolution, management, supervision and strategic planning.

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Our Engineering Services Subsidiaries

Alutiiq Business Services, LLC; Alutiiq Essential Services, LLC; Alutiiq Information Management, LLC; Alutiiq Technical Services, LLC; Red Peak Technical Services, LLC

Our Engineering Services subsidiaries provide exceptional customer service through experience in engineering support services, technical information management systems, technical data conversion, information management systems, technical data authoring, and project and logistics services.

  • Our Engineering Services subsidiaries provide a broad range of software development, database engineering, and technical and analytical support services
  • They also provide hardware technical support, systems engineering solutions, and electronic cabling fabrication
  • In addition, our Engineering Services subsidiaries offer engineering, design and installation services to support the protection of facilities, assets and personnel
  • Our Electronic Security Systems (ESS) support team provides design, engineering, systems integration, Information Assurance (IA), acquisition, logistics, installation, maintenance, and life cycle support of a wide variety of electronic security systems.

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Our Security and Professional Services (SPS) International Subsidiaries

Alutiiq Advanced Security Systems, LLC; Alutiiq Information Management, LLC; Alutiiq Professional Training, LLC; Alutiiq Solutions, LLC; Alutiiq Technical Services, LLC

  • SPS International provides Program Management, turn-key integrated solutions, and training in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Our SPS International Subsidiaries’ Mexico staff consists of a small group of IT, Program Management specialist and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). This small group of experts are adept at reviewing provider and OEM solutions against customer requirements for completeness.
  • SPS International Subsidiaries support the DOS/INL assistance to Mexico law enforcement operations by providing training to build the capacity of Mexican security forces, including specialized investigative/analytical and operational units.
  • Our core expertise is systems integration. We take the customers’ requirements and find the best solutions to meet their service or system deployment needs. Our experience includes Project consulting, quality assurance, purchase and configuration of hardware, as well as training, implementation, maintenance and support of our deployed solutions.

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Our Facilities Services Subsidiaries

Alutiiq 3SG, LLC; Alutiiq Commercial Enterprises, LLC; Alutiiq Logistics & Maintenance Services, LLC; Alutiiq Mele, LLC

Our Facilities Services subsidiaries manage and provide material handling, warehousing and transportation services as well as base operating support and facility maintenance services.

  • The companies’ Logistics resources are available to manage everything from the simplest supply functions to major shipping operations. Alutiiq logistics support teams maintain service and supply sites at 10 worldwide strategic locations. With more than 1,500 employees collectively, they provide a myriad of logistics services to their government customers, ranging from supply operations to administrative functions.
  • Alutiiq Operation and Maintenance (O&M) facility support teams manage and provide base operating support services that include civil engineering and public works service, military family housing maintenance and other facility and installation maintenance support activities. They provide a range of planning and programming activities, maintenance and repairs for highly visible, mission-critical military organizations.

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Our Education Services Subsidiaries

Alutiiq Career Ventures, LLC; Alutiiq Education & Training, LLC; Alutiiq Management Services, LLC

Our Education Services subsidiaries operate and maintain Job Corps Training centers for the Department of Labor and provide related youth training and education services for the Federal Government and private organizations.

  • Our Education Services subsidiaries employ a unique approach, integrating academic, vocational and social skills training in a residential program. This gives young people a chance to change their lives and obtain valuable work experience and life skills. Active employer involvement in center training is also key to ensuring that students receive the work-related training needed to become competitive in the marketplace.
  • These companies offer a wide variety of youth-related services with a focus on delivering effective, quality training for at-risk youth. In performance of Job Corps services, they have routinely exceeded customer expectations through a management approach that fosters teamwork among the employees, customers, and students; open communication; and a philosophy of getting the job done quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • They have developed a reputation for delivering solid, dependable performance in the cost type, fixed price and indefinite quantity contracting arenas. Their teams have successfully provided the labor, materials, vehicles, equipment, tools and other resources to perform all tasks assigned by their customers.

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Our Construction Services Subsidiaries

Alutiiq Construction Services, LLC; Alutiiq General Contractors, LLC; Alutiiq International Solutions, LLC; Alutiiq Manufacturing Contractors, LLC; Alutiiq Pacific, LLC

Our Construction Services subsidiaries provide our Government and commercial clients with construction and construction management services along with modular manufacturing services throughout the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and the Pacific Rim.

  • Alutiiq subsidiaries provide customers with a wide range of design-build and bid-build construction services including pre-construction, infrastructure, horizontal, vertical, remote, and austere and cold region construction
  • There are a number of methods for their services including 8(a), negotiated sole source, AFCEE HERC, SATOCs, MATOCs, IDIQs and GovWorks

Our Oilfield Support Services Subsidiary

Alutiiq Oilfield Solutions, LLC

Our Oilfield Services subsidiary has a long history of supporting oil and gas development, construction, and utility services in Alaska by supplying composite portable road mats for remote projects. Our access mat system provides a solid solution for roads and pads in any environment – even in soft soil and environmentally sensitive areas. We understand the harsh conditions and the transportation needs of Alaskan industries and that environmentally safe access across wetlands, mud, swamps, and tundra is critical to keeping projects on schedule and on budget. With a large rental fleet of composite mats available in Alaska, we are able to respond quickly to provide our clients the access roads needed to keep their projects moving forward.

Another key component of our oilfield support is the supply of custom structural fiberglass components. With supply capabilities ranging from fiberglass grating to full fiberglass shelters, we are able to provide lightweight, safe products that eliminate the corrosion issues and related maintenance costs of traditional steel components. As the leader in structural fiberglass in Alaska, we work closely with our clients in the oil and gas industry to develop and supply custom parts designed for their specific needs.
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Our Remote Facilities and Services Subsidiary

Afognak Leasing, LLC

Afognak Leasing, our remote facilities and services subsidiary, has many years of experience at providing successful housing options to its clients in the resource development industry. From our living facilities and operations and management, to our flexible leasing or purchase solutions, we consistently provide options that meet and exceed our client’s expectations. Afognak Leasing and its Executive Management Team are proud of the business reputation of excellence that has been established on the North Slope and elsewhere, which has resulted in many projects that were sole source awards. These awards were based on Afognak Leasing’s history of effective schedule execution, competitive price, efficiency, safety, and project performance. We consistently provide our clients options that enable them to provide Class A housing in the most remote areas on the North Slope or elsewhere in Alaska and the Lower 48. This comes from working with our client’s in-house team to develop strategies and a variety of options to fulfill the project housing requirements that save our clients both time and money, and maximize efficiency for housing needs satisfying either short or long term housing requirements.

Where smaller temporary facilities are needed, Afognak Leasing provides a variety of SpaceMax portable buildings. Sized as standard shipping containers for easy transport, these facilities deploy to three to four times the size of their shipping footprint. The SpaceMax buildings can be rapidly deployed by just a couple people, providing a safe, efficient, and strong remote facility.

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