The proper environment creates high morale among staff, which in turn correlates to safer and more productive workers. Afognak Leasing, LLC knows how important quality, safe, comfortable & clean living accommodations are for its customers and personnel, and it strives to provide the highest level of service possible— one that is customer-focused.

  • Hotel facility in Deadhorse, AK, available for individual or group bookings
  • High-quality temporary camp facilities for longer term, single-company leases
  • Design and construct a facility to meet specific needs

With each of these services, Afognak Leasing, LLC assures its customers that their staff will be comfortable and well accommodated.

Alutiiq Express Hotel

The Alutiiq Express Hotel is managed by knowledgeable staff who is dedicated to providing quality accommodations and making each guest’s stay as comfortable as possible.

Temporary and Remote Facilities

Afognak Leasing, LLC can deploy portable camps to any location and configure to meet your crew’s needs. Each of the camps listed below is typically leased to a single company at a time.

  • Arctic Fox Camp (54-bed camp including dining, workout and common area facilities)
  • Lynx Camp (15-bed camp including dining and office facilities)
  • Brown Bear Camp (60-bed camp including dining and common area facilities)
  • Seal Camp (32-bed camp including dining facilities)

Portable Offices/EnviroVac

Afognak Leasing, LLC leases portable offices and EnviroVac equipment available for remote office needs.

New Camp Construction

Afognak Leasing, LLC can build portable camps to meet the unique requirements of its customers including designing, constructing and configuring new facilities to meet any needs.

Camp Relocation and Operations & Management

Afognak Leasing, LLC can provide experienced staff who understand remote operations and can provide turnkey relocation of camps and complete management including billeting, housekeeping, laundry, catering and maintenance services.

For further information on room rentals please contact reservations at 907-670-1123.
For further information on camp rentals please call Afognak Leasing, LLC at 907-222-9550.

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