Corporate Profile

Alutiiq exhibits solid financial strength. We have the tools and infrastructure necessary to meet our financial obligations and complete projects within our deadlines while exceeding the expectations of our customers. Alutiiq’s continued growth and sustainable cash flow enables the company to finance and bond large scale projects. We have an outstanding record of consistently performing well on contracts requiring rapid start-up in multiple project locations. All companies under Afognak Native Corporation are U.S. citizen owned and controlled.

The Afognak Vision: To be the best Native organization in Alaska for our shareholders.

Global Statement of Purpose: Afognak Native Corporation exists so that shareholders have a perpetual source of land use and shared financial and cultural wealth.

Alutiiq’s knowledgeable and customer service oriented staff provide our customers with cutting edge solutions and strong partnerships that produce results. By working together and vigorously supporting other small business subcontractors, we strengthen our diversity and the niche expertise these companies offer. We provide our customers with:

  • Market-focused technical solutions
  • An exceptional past performance record
  • Financial strength and stability
  • Demonstrated contract performance and rapid contract execution
  • Utilization of industry best practices
  • Proven ability to field and sustain single or multiple project teams to meet complex requirements
  • Small business global service provider
  • Professional and experienced leadership
  • Strong partnerships with our customers






Alutiiq is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Afognak Native Corporation, an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) formed under the 1971 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.

Alutiiq, headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska, with several offices nationwide, is defined as an ANC in accordance with federal regulation 13 CFR 124.3. Afognak is headquartered in Kodiak, Alaska and, as an ANC, has distinctive obligations to our shareholders, the indigenous people of Afognak Island.

ANC ownership is unique in that shares cannot be bought, sold or traded. Profits earned by the business ventures are returned for the benefit of the shareholders and our Native community, providing dividends and job training as well as funding scholarships and various social and cultural programs to improve the quality of life of Ag’uanermiut, “the people of Afognak,” in perpetuity.

Learn more about the benefits provided to Afognak Native Corporation shareholders.

Afognak Native Corporation and the Alutiiq family of companies are dedicated to delivering cost effective, quality service and solutions to our customers. Placing our customers’ interests first, we strive for trusting, long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial.

We are committed to attracting and retaining a world class workforce that is guided by our Alutiiq values and that is provided with the tools and resources needed to exceed our customers’ expectations.  We create a team atmosphere where innovative solutions are encouraged and every employee has the opportunity to enjoy professional growth and development.

Execution of this mission will ensure the long-term success of the corporation and in turn, ensure that the Alutiiq people of Afognak will thrive in perpetuity.