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Lead & Seed is a youth empowered, environmental approach to preventing and reducing alcohol consumption, teen tobacco use, drug use and prescription drug misuse in a community. Lead & Seed is a reviewed evidence-based, drug prevention program included in the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (read more).

Two Training Options Available:

  • Two-Day Training

The two-day, 12-hour, Lead & Seed program training is provided at a local site for a school district or community by a national expert Alutiiq trainer. The training is followed by a community action phase to address local problems. Best practice strategies are tracked in a logic model, blueprint and action plans developed during that training. A maximum of 24 participants attend the curriculum training. Approximately 75% of the attendees should be youth leaders from middle and/or high school, with the remaining participants should be the adults who support the youth efforts, such as teachers, guidance counselors, parents, faith community individuals, civic organizations and prevention specialists. Youth should be selected on their passion for change, an academic average of “C” and their availability to meet with their Lead & Seed team.  Hundreds of youth-led mobilization projects are shared during the training and technical assistance by the trainer is provided by phone and email for one year. A resource flash drive is included with the training.

  • TOT (Training of Trainers) 4-Day

Up to 12 adult trainers of your choice are certified by Alutiiq to train the 2-Day Lead & Seed program anywhere in your own state or U.S. territory. Call or email for additional information.

Phase I, LEAD, is the “Instructional Phase” when the two-day, 12-hour, training is delivered. The training affects individual change, in an effort to transform individual adolescent knowledge, attitude and skills. It is during this instruction that youth leaders (and the adults who support them) explore the specific local causes and solutions for underage drinking, DUI, prescription drug misuse, teen tobacco use, drugs in their community and bullying. The trained team at the Seed Site selects strategies and activities that they believe will work where they live, work and play. Their selected activities are based on their Theory of Change applied to the demographics and factors of their specific area. Their selected activities will yield environmental outcomes and will make changes in local policy, practice and procedures and create legal, economic, socio-cultural or economic change. 

Phase II, SEED, occurs during the months following the 2-day training. This is the Community Action Phase. During that time period, the action plans and strategies developed during the Lead & Seed training are implemented. The program configuration of conducting the training first and then implementing the plans is effective because participants are provided with the tools they need to localize and take charge of their own efforts and outcomes. Phase II begins the process of “population-level” change. The adult role is to support and assist the youth leaders in attaining their goals.


The Lead & Seed vision is a community whereby adults enforce anti-drug policies, procedures and laws, support drug-free choices for minors and empower youth with the leadership, efficacy, advocacy, empowerment and environmental skills that enable them to lead healthy, productive and drug-free lifestyles, applying strategies that create positive change.


The mission of Lead & Seed is to implement SAMHSA’s SPF, (Strategic Prevention Framework), and to reduce and prevent underage alcohol consumption, teen tobacco use and drug use and prescription drug misuse.   Lead & Seed makes changes at the individual and population level by empowering youth and adults with the knowledge and strategies they need to build human, technical and financial capacities, build leadership skills and use media effectively.

Theory of Change

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Lead & Seed follows the 5-step SAMHSA’s (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration) Strategic Prevention Framework planning process. The goal is to prevent and reduce underage alcohol consumption and consequences, teen tobacco use and drug use and prescription drug misuse. 


  • Build human, technical and financial capacities
  • Change policies, practices and procedures
  • Utilize print, broadcast and electronic media
  • Cultivate advocacy skills
  • Build leadership, efficacy and environmental skills
  • Reduce alcohol, tobacco, drug use and prescription drug misuse


Pre/Post/Follow-Up Tests and Surveys for:

  • Program knowledge
  • National outcome
  • Attitude toward underage alcohol consumption, teen tobacco use and drug use
  • Youth efficacy
  • Youth environments
  • Youth leadership


In an 18-month research and evaluation funded by SAMHSA by Dr. Pamela Susan Imm, of 22 Lead & Seed sites from urban, suburban and rural areas, the average post-knowledge assessment was 96% with significant reductions in alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Significant increases occurred in youth leadership, environmental skills, empowerment, decision making, connectivity to youth and adults, advocacy, strategic planning and additional areas.

Learn More About Alutiiq’s Lead & Seed Program:

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Rachel Beaver, Email at rbeaver@alutiiq.com | Phone: 703-283-6118

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